Why I’ll Never Make It

Why I’ll Never Make It is here to help through the challenges and setbacks that come with being an artist. You are certainly not alone and each week guests share how they too have sometimes fallen short yet keep going anyway. This bonus content gives even more fuel to the fire as you build and maintain a career in the arts.

Also, 10% of all memberships will go to help the work of Only Make Believe, a special non-profit that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals, care facilities, and special education programs.

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In helping make this podcast, you get:

  • Bonus content including After the Interview and other special episodes
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As a producer of this podcast, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions to upcoming guests that will be used in the interview and included in their episode. You also get:

  • Members-only episodes
  • Monthly WINMI Newsletter
  • Your name on the WINMI website
  • A shoutout in an upcoming episode

Also, be a part of the future direction of this podcast with direct feedback and suggestions for upcoming episodes and bonus content.

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Did you know this podcast costs about $75 a month to produce? And while my passion for WINMI may be endless, unfortunately my funds aren't. By joining one of the above plans, you're not just learning more about a career in the performing arts, you're also helping pay off the following costs and services:
  • A website solely dedicated to this podcast
  • Podbean hosting service of the main podcast feed
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And one day, WINMI hopes to actually pay the wonderful artists that give their time and efforts to make this podcast happen. So if you get value from Why I’ll Never Make It, please consider joining today!

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